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Re: The Old SS Reflux

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  • linw992003
    ... I ... height ... 2 ... Hi, another Kiwi here. I have the old SS one-marble reflux, too. It is really a glorified pot still. I have modded mine by adding a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2004
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "pthoma_nz" <pthoma_nz@y...>
      > Having shelved the thing for years (due to undrinkable swamp muck)
      > stumbled across homedistiller site and fired it up again following
      > the simple instructions and am happy to say generated a passable
      > drop. (thanx Tony)
      > My % jumped from 71% to 85% with just the addition of some
      > scrubbers!!.
      > A couple of questions for those who have this unit. What is the
      > procedure for doing a stripping run on the reflux? Do I run any
      > water through the cooling hoses? Do I slow the flow down by using
      > water cooling when it gets to 92-95 to try to extract all alcohol?
      > Or assume enough is out at that stage?
      > I want to increase column height. Is there an optimum column
      > for this still. I note that mods on homedistiller are 1 metre of
      > pipe, is there a formulae or is bigger always better?
      > How come they don't make a standard bolt on mod for this rig with
      > scrubbers and higher columns?
      > TIA
      > Peet

      Hi, another Kiwi here.
      I have the old SS one-marble reflux, too. It is really a glorified
      pot still. I have modded mine by adding a 500mm piece of old 1.5"
      waste pipe packed with Amphora structured packing. I also stuffed
      some into the SS reflux tube. There is another crucial mod, though.
      You have to lower the input power. I have added a 1600W element and
      run both in parallel for the initial heat then when it boils I put
      the elements in series giving me about 720W. The first run I did
      with this got me etoh at 90+%. A small amount was about 94%.

      Stripping run:- you must run water at least through the condenser.
      Adjust the flow to maximise the alco flow. (You could bypass the
      reflux jacket without ill-effects I would think). You would run with
      full power. You could also remove the packing from the tube. Don't
      try to hold the temp with too much cooling as you want all alco as
      fast as possible. Let it go to 98 deg if you want.

      Most good reflux stills have at least a metre of column. Mine has
      670mm counting the SS head column. 2" copper is expensive so I
      reckon 1.5" is OK. When I build a vapour managed system I will use a
      metre of 2".

      I will add another note. I have done two stripping runs which went
      OK but my final slow run didn't. I couldn't stop the bloody alco
      from running at a fast clip even from 53 deg! It did the whole run
      like a fast pot still! I couldn't get it above 84%. It has been
      suggested that there was too much input power for the more volatile
      mix. So I would have needed only about 500W (guess) or so.

      The other thing about high percentage is it has to be really slow.
      Like 9 hrs (yawn) instead of 4-5.

      I suppose there is no std mod because there is not enough demand.
      Merely bolting on a column is a compromise. The reflux jacket being
      below the vapour outlet is not a good design feature but with a long
      column you could leave it out of the plumbing.

      Hope these experiences are helpful. Good luck and let us know how
      you get on.

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