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Fwd: Definition of Russian vodka

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  • waljaco
    ... See msg 20517 for background. From The Story of Russian Vodka - http://www.minivodkaguy.com/StoryofRussianVosdka.html There are many definitions of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2004
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      See msg 20517 for background.
      From 'The Story of Russian Vodka' -

      "There are many definitions of Russian vodka, but the most strict and
      classical one was made by the great Russian scientist Dimitry
      Mendeleyev, who devoted his thesis for his doctorate degree to the
      improvement of vodka production in Russia. In 1894, the Russian
      government patented his definition. According to Mendeleyev's

      'Only that which contains as its main ingredients rye grain spirit
      prepared on the basis of Russian species of rye, given triple
      distillation, diluted according to weight with soft spring water
      exactly to 40% by volume and additionally purified by a special
      filtration process, with insignificant (2-3%) additions of spirit
      made from other grains, can be considered Moskovskaya Special Vodka.'"

      "The basic raw material used for Russian vodka is rye. As
      indispensable additions to Russian rye vodka, some other cereals such
      as oats, wheat, barley and buckwheat are also used."

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