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Re: spiral still (damn fine thing)

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    Thanks for your kind words Mark. I think you still have room for improvement though. Spreading the reflux well over the packing is one thing that makes a lot
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      Thanks for your kind words Mark. I think you still have room for
      improvement though. Spreading the reflux well over the packing is one
      thing that makes a lot of difference. I installed a perforated plate
      on top of the column and that with precise power control made a huge
      improvement. If you can fine tune the power well (down to 2-3W
      increments) you can achieve automated shutdown when heads are gone
      before ethanol starts to come out. I like to run several hours on
      full reflux to get all the unwanted stuff into the column (big
      advantage for air-cooling), and then add the power carefully to get a
      drop every two seconds or so. This results extremely pure middle cut
      and allows using 10-80-10 or even 5-90-5 cuts for average sugar mash.
      Getting accurate power controller is problematic, I solved this by
      using computer controlled solid state relay to regulate power (look
      for the old posts).

      Personally I have stopped using my VM and LM rigs. It's potstill for
      whiskey and gin and spiral+column for vodka. Next setup in distant
      future is total computer control + air cooling. I already have the
      power control, just need to rig some thermoprobes and write a proper
      program (as if I ever find time for that).

      Greetz, Riku

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      <bordermeister@t...> wrote:
      > Well have finally got around to setting up a spiral still as per
      > Riku's setup. I must say I am impressed with its (spiral still with
      > column) ability to produce a clean vodka. I gathered together about
      > 25 litres of heads and tails plus one burnt whisky mash effort.
      > tasted (had to try 5mls) and smelt pungent. I have been playing
      > power control but have found the application of extra towels (as
      > extra insulation on boiler and coil) to be the most efficient.
      > The run has moved from heads to main run and I must say it is a
      > clean 94.5% vodka with only the slightest aftertaste. I will
      > rest it on carbon but if it using it for essences I wouldn't even
      > bother - the aftertaste is very slight. Now considering it was a
      > of heads and tails from most of my experiments of sugar, dextrose
      > whisky washes (not togfether)plus one really burnt malt whisky
      > I am very impressed. This just sits there with no water
      > ticking along ouputting 94%+ vodka with low power requirements
      > (~350W) out of some very ordinary low wines.
      > Thanks Riku, I have been meaning to test this for ages but finally
      > got around to getting a 36mm SS column welded up with a milking
      > machine connector to setup on my keg.
      > So now I have pretty good whisky coming out of my LM PDA,
      > Damn good vodka coming out of my VM PDA,
      > Pretty good vodka coming out of my spiral from heads and tails and
      > blown experiments (Needs a little carbon treatment or good for
      > essences).
      > All in all is looking pretty good with minimal wastage after re-
      > everything to extract the max.
      > Thanks and appreciation to:
      > Harry for his advice on making a liquid malt whisky,
      > Mike and Mike for an extrordinary LM/VM PDA,
      > Riku for his efforts on the air cooled spiral still (with column).
      > Next project is playing with a recirculating water cooling setup
      > per Harry's) for use with a 2" copper pot still head and liebig.
      > Excuse the long ramble, have been sampling the results of the
      > still.
      > Cheers
      > Mark
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