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  • Harry
    ... viruses your ... similar? Dave Dozens of em, Dave. Put this in google WITH the quotes free virus scan and you get 108,000 hits! It doesn t get any
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 2, 2004
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, David Lunsford <maxtonnage@e...>
      > Harry, isn't there a website that will scan your computer for
      viruses your
      > anti virus software didn't detect? like housecalls.com, or
      similar? Dave

      Dozens of 'em, Dave. Put this in google WITH the quotes "free virus
      and you get 108,000 hits! It doesn't get any simpler than that.
      The problem is people who are so complacent about security. That's
      one of the reasons the free world is now in such a pickle ('nuff
      said on that).

      The thing I don't like about online scans is they are time and
      bandwidth consuming. Far better to have reliable virus software and
      regular definition file updates on board your own machine.

      My alltime favourite virus buster is AVG from Grisoft. Free
      download. Heuristic analysis for new viruses. Free daily updates
      everytime you go online (user adjustable), and every bit as good or
      better than Trend Micro & Panda. McAfee is good but slow to update
      it's database. Symantec is a resource hog, slows down your machine.

      If anybody wants links to any of these reliable programs, do the
      google search I mentioned. They're all on the first page of results.

      I've been in the I.T. trade for quite a few years now, and most of
      my work these days is resurrecting machines that people have let go
      to the dogs. Their loss, my gain. But they do eventually learn
      through the hip pocket nerve. :-)

      Here's a 'heads-up'. The time is rapidly approaching when all
      damages and costs incurred due to email viruses WILL be payable by
      the owner/admin of the machine. That puts the onus of
      accountability and security back on the user, and could run into
      many thousands of dollars for a SINGLE INSTANCE. You heard it here
      first, folks. And you've seen how easy it is to trace a machine.

      regards Harry
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