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Sharing All grain recipes

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  • Paul
    Thanks Tar for sharing I like to read other all grain recipes, it gives me ideas. This is my recipe for bourbon. All these are in U.S. measurements. I m also
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2004
      Thanks Tar for sharing I like to read other all grain recipes, it
      gives me ideas. This is my recipe for bourbon. All these are in U.S.
      measurements. I'm also look for the easiest way that takes the least
      amount of time. I start with 10 lbs steam flaked corn purchased from
      a feed dealer. Every dealer varies in the quality of his or her
      product. I guess I lucked out because mine is pretty much all corn
      no other garbage. 7$ a 50 lbs bag. Some times I'll substitute 2 lbs
      of flaked wheat, rye or both. Those get a little pricey @1$ lbs.
      Along with being short on time I'm cheap. I boil 4 gal of tap water.
      Mine is well water so it is acidy and has calcium in it already.
      When the water is boiling I put it into a 6 gal. bucket that is
      insulated. I then pour in the 10 lb mix of grain. I stir it with a
      portable drill with a 5 gal paint stirrer attached. I keep a cap on
      the bucket to keep the heat in. Every 10 min or so I stir the heck
      out of it. Helps break up the corn and gelatinize it also aerates
      the oxygen free boiled water. When the temp hits 150 I throw in 2
      lbs of cracked malted barley. I stir this with the drill, keep it
      covered and insulated and stir every 10 min or so. Hopefully the
      temp doesn't go down more then a few degrees. If it does I throw
      what I can into a pot (4+ gals) and bring the temp up to and hold it
      at 149 give or take for the remaining time. I then throw it all back
      into the 6 gal bucket take the insulation off and top off with ice-
      cold back slop. When temp hits 118 I check the SG. (12 to 14) There
      is usually 2-3 inches of clear yellow liquid on top. I take 2 cups
      of liquid put into a bowl add some water and pitch 1/3 cup of bakers
      yeast. Let it foam up good then toss it in and stir. I have made 2
      side by side batches one with bakers and one with distiller yeast
      and you can not tell the difference IMO. With insulation back on
      bucket ferment for 3 day or less. (When airlock bubbling slows
      down.) I have a 2 bucket system I use to separate the grain from
      liquid. A 6 gal bucket with a tap on the bottom and a 5 gal bucket
      that fits into the other. I cut 2/3 of the bottom out of the 5 gal
      and have a fine mesh nylon bag that fits over the top. I tie wrap
      the bag around the lip of the bucket so the bag doesn't slip with
      the weight of the grain. I let the whole thing drain over night. (I
      collect almost 4 gals of liquid not bad) By this time any yeast
      sediment has settled to bottom of the 6 gal bucket. I open the tap
      and slowly drain off the liquid so I don't disturb any sediment. I
      liquid is see-thru clear. I then throw into a pot still distill 2x
      and add distill water to taste. Oak it with toasted oak or if I want
      it quicker JD chips and a dried apricot (2 weeks) in a mason jar. I
      think that's everything. Cost about 5 bucks for 6 quart of fine
      bourbon. I hope others take the time to share the all grain recipes
      with the group.
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