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Re: [Distillers] Re: re : Clearing questions

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  • Derek Hamlet
    I d like to put in a vote for patience. If you make a wine quickly, force the racking, fine it, maybe filter, bottle and then start drinking you ll get
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 1, 2004
      I'd like to put in a vote for patience.
      If you make a wine quickly, force the racking, fine it, maybe filter,
      bottle and then start drinking you'll get something with alcohol that
      tastes like something Rover did bad things in.
      If you wait for wine to settle, rack it off the lees, do this any number of
      times over 12 months and then bottle and wait for a year you will have a
      good chance at a good red wine.
      Ditto on your wash. Plan ahead a little so that you can take the time to
      allow your wash to settle and clarify. It will make everything else work
      At 06:36 PM 2/1/04, you wrote:
      >I'm just a beginner also, but these are my findings by trial and
      >1.) There may still be a slight amount of suspended yeast barely
      >working. As long air is not introduced and an air lock is used
      >there is no problem waiting a little longer.
      >2.) If your like me and just want to go ahead and syphon off to
      >another carboy, syphon off from the top of the settled wort. When
      >making a wine, syphoning off the wine from the yeast which has
      >settled and become concentrated, will allow faster settling of any
      >suspended yeast. Just remember to still use a vapor lock as there
      >still may be fermentation taking place during storage.
      >3.) If your going to distill immediately just syphon from the top
      >and gradually move the syphon tube down as the level in the initial
      >container drop...stopping just short of the settled yeast.
      >4.) If your really concerned about the yeast during distilling, you
      >can follow directions in #3 on the initial fermentation, heat the
      >syphoned wort just enough to kill the yeast, allow the heated wort
      >to cool and settle, then repeat #3 and distill.
      >Anyone correct me if I'm wrong here please.
      >--- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "ryanv75" <ryanv75@h...> wrote:
      > > Wort took a lot longer than expected , but the sg bottomed out
      >at .9
      > > at 21degress celcius and the yeast has been inactive for a few days
      > > now. It took a little over two weeks for the yeast to finish,
      >which I
      > > believe could have been solved with slightly less sugar and an
      > > aquarium pump. Now I am wondering
      > > how I know when it is clear. Is there a seperation from the dead
      > > ? How clear does it get ? Right now it is slightly more clear at
      > > very top, but I added some water near the end which could have
      > > it. It is still very golden colored. It tastes and smells like a
      > > wine mixed with vodka. Do I siphon off the top and into a still ?
      > > should I syphon it and leave it in a carboy for a few days ? Is it
      > > ready to siphon yet ? I have not added any clearing agents, should
      >I ?
      > > Thanks as always. Ryan.
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      Derek Hamlet
      Victoria, B. C.
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