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RE: [Distillers] A lot of things.

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  • Pete Sayers
    Gi day the little story about the reflux stills taking longer is not really a myth, however, we must remember that time produces quality. having said that
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      Gi'day the little story about the reflux stills taking "longer" is not
      really a myth, however, we must remember that time produces quality. having
      said that the Euro stills (25 litre) take only 3-3.5 hours to complete a

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      Tired of pouring? I know I am.
      I can handle pouring coffee in my coffee mug, but I got to be really
      tired of pouring amounts over 10L. So I started thinking water pumps.
      The best solution seems to be this inexpensive pump which is used
      with a drilling machine. Just mount it on the drilling machine as you
      would mount a drill.
      Two hoses are then mounted on the pump and…you can problebly
      figure out the rest.
      It would be a good idea to have a screw-on-bolt on the top of the
      boiler. When emptying/filling the boiler just screw of the bolt and
      stick a hose in the hole. That way you wont have to separate the
      column. For those who handle with small quantities this may not be
      necessary, but then again for those who don't this may be really

      You all seem to agree that the fractionating column is the way to go,
      since it gives the highest alc. %, but correct me if I'm wrong
      (literally) the reflux ratio is higher and it therefore takes more
      time/energy. I'm sure most of you will say that it's worth it.
      But for someone with limited time around the still it seems logical
      to use a reflux still.
      Please let me know if this is not entirely correct.

      Also, I read something about boosting the batch from 20% to 23%. But
      I can't find the method description. Could someone point it out
      to me or copy/paste it?

      I recall a question about how to get rid of the smell. Don't know
      if it has been answered but I have a few pointers.
      There should not be any (or very little) smell when distilling. If
      there is, you will have to modify the still.
      What I have found to be a problem is the smell from the batch.
      I was on my way experimenting when I had to stop the
      whole "operation" and haven't been able to distill again
      so I don't really speak with a lot of experience regarding getting
      rid of batch smell. But I do have some. I disconnected the air lock
      and instead connected a hose and stuck it through, to begin with, a
      bottle half filled with water. Since the bobbles only ran through 1,5
      litres of water it didn't help much.
      I know that if you run it through enough water you will get rid of
      the smell. And I've heard that the water must be replaced every
      24 hours or so, and that a good rule is to use the same amount of
      water as the batch contains. And perhaps klor mixed with the water
      would help. There are lots of chemicals that would work and I'm sure
      some of you guys can think of some.
      There is one thing though that is bothering me. When using large
      amount of water and having the hose at the bottom, there's more
      pressure and therefore the air (bobbles) doesn't get released
      until the pressure is enough. So they (the bobbles) escape many at a
      time, so to speak, and there's a period of time where nothing
      I'm concerned if this may be harmful to the batch. Although I
      can't really see why it should. I could imagine though, that this
      slow down the yeast meaning longer time. But, damn it! I'm not
      able to experiment any longer. But hopefully that will all change. So
      if someone can answer whether this is okay…I would appreciate it.

      no updates on the "vacuum operation" so far. Just a few more
      and ideas. Been busy, but I'll get to it eventually.

      -H. Bergmann.

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