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RE: [new_distillers] Re: stone/nixon v. stillmaker

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  • Rob van Leuven
    ... Van: scottvines@netscape.net [mailto:scottvines@netscape.net] Verzonden: dinsdag 13 februari 2001 6:52 Aan: Rob van Leuven Onderwerp: FW: [new_distillers]
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      Van: scottvines@... [mailto:scottvines@...]
      Verzonden: dinsdag 13 februari 2001 6:52
      Aan: Rob van Leuven
      Onderwerp: FW: [new_distillers] Re: stone/nixon v. stillmaker


      I built a Nixon/Stone still that uses a Liebig condenser (3/4" jacket
      with 1/2" pass-through tubing). It screws onto the column and turns
      out at about a 45-degree angle from vertical. I use inexpensive PTFE
      thread tape to help seal the connection and to keep the angle of the
      take-off valve at full vertical. It does not leak.

      I like my still because it's open to the atmosphere, and I lightly
      plug it with clean cotton to keep the lightest of vapors from
      escaping. The benefits of this design are easy construction and
      cleaning, and inherent safety. However, like everything in life,
      there are some negatives. It is tall (almost eight feet), and it
      wants to tip over if you use a pot with a relatively small diameter.
      My pot is narrow, so I've had to stabilize my still with a wire
      contraption until I can build a more permanent structure (i.e. wood
      frame) or find a bigger pot. If you used a shorter condenser than
      mine (mine is overkill), balance probably wouldn't be an issue.

      Just thought you might like to know how I built my still. When you
      get your new still built, please don't forget to post a description
      at this site. I'm very interested in what you might be doing to
      improve your Nixon/Stone design.


      Hi Scott,
      very interesting; could you post some pics??? I'd like to know the length of
      your condenser; my still has a 300 mm. long 28 mm. diam. coil condenser
      (coil made out of 5 mm. soft copper break pipe), the cooling water has a lot
      of trouble getting through, so I'm looking for a better alternative.
      The improvement in the n/s still is actually in their latest book; it's
      basically the "in-line" version. Nevertheless, there is always room for
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