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Re: hope this is my last still,but i can't help tinkering!

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  • BJ & FM Poke
    ... From: BJ & FM Poke ... Subject: hope this is my last still,but i can t help tinkering!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2000
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      >Sent: Wednesday, 12 January 2000 12:36
      Subject: hope this is my last still,but i can't help tinkering!

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      > thinking this is what i would like to do=45 litre still body s.s. 3 mm
      > thick==reflux tower 1050 mm x 75 mm packed with s.s. pot scrubbers==1300
      > watt internal element in a s.s. sheath plus an external hotplate[underneath]
      > for fast head up,1200 watts==no thermometres==a filler tube which doubles as
      > the pot still outlet to a second condensor when double distilling with a
      > shutoff valve on reflux tower to deactivate==copper condensors==
      > this would be a very flexible system which at the flick of a valve could
      > change from d.d. to full reflux or up to 30 different variations in between
      > and allow enormous flex. on products from essential oils,fuel
      > ethanol,solvent recovery,whey processing,bio-diesel,steam distillation etc.
      > etc.
      > some books well worth reading=practical distiller--monzert
      > the lore of still building--howard and gibat
      > cooperage for wine makers--rankine and schahinger
      > brewing--lewis and young
      > the alcohol text book--lyons et al
      > some flavours i tried out over the holidays spirits unlimited brand whisky
      > good quality==but some outstanding results were achieved using slightly over
      > the recmmended dose rate by a group of friends in queensland,who bought them
      > at a shop in new south wales [this is getting worse] so i pointed them to
      > des's site, as one of the brands was NOROIT,
      > http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~topkiwi/ and guided them towards ray toms
      > site and spirits unlimited as well, the range on the topkiwi site for
      > liqueurs is huge========many regards to all brian
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