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Fwd: Re: Cachaca facts & reply to Harry

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  • Harry
    ... feels the pain ... help where we ... going to take ... time now! ... brand of ... robbing the ... a lighter ... that maybe I ... problems of ... Harry¹s
    Message 1 of 13 , Nov 22, 2003
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Hector A. Landaeta C."
      <coloniera@c...> wrote:
      > On 11/20/03 12:44 AM, "Austin Smith" <asmith1@b...> wrote:
      > > Chill, Hector. You may not think that anyone in the States
      feels the pain
      > > that you've expressed, but we do. We know how bad it is; we
      help where we
      > > can, but we can never do enough. If there is a problem that's
      going to take
      > > us all down, that's it.
      > Hola Austin!
      > Yeah well, I think you guys been ³helping what you can² for some
      time now!
      > One of the things that¹s got us to this state is, precisely, your
      brand of
      > good Œole help! (like invading 1/3 of the Mexican territory,
      robbing the
      > Canal out of Colombia, installing the Somoza dynasty in Nicaragua,
      > overthrowing Allende in Chile and the like). Just joking, and in
      a lighter
      > tone as to answer our friend Harry¹s reply I would like to say
      that maybe I
      > overreacted, and for that I apologize. Hey, that¹s part of this
      problems of
      > ours, makes us humorless sunzabitches! In the same light of
      > ³cultural idiosyncracies² theme I must say that my reaction is
      > explained by this Latino pride thing: we take insults to our
      families too
      > hard. Maybe extending my family to Brazilians is a bit of a
      stretch in a
      > literal sense but that is also a Latino character treat (specially
      if you¹ve
      > lived abroad and taken shit in a ³first world² country), instant
      rapport and
      > solidarity to any other Latin American, and first and foremost if
      it¹s to
      > take a stand against a ³gringo¹s² ignorance and bigotry
      (understand we
      > people tag that ³gringo² to any peoples north of the Rio Grande,
      west of
      > Tijuana and East of Recife, and contrary to American common
      wisdom, it¹s not
      > given as an insult, it¹s just a synonym of ³light skinned
      > We¹ve got this inferiority complex, you see, so getting our noses
      rubbed on
      > (perhaps) true facts we don¹t take lightly. I also wanted to
      apologize to
      > Harry for having confused him with a French and indeed for having
      brewed a
      > storm out of a teacup. I do believe ³Priscilla² is a fine example
      of ³down
      > under² culture but personally I like best any of Peter Weir¹s films
      > (³Galipoli² and ³A Year Living Dangerously² stand to mind).
      > No hay guiro, pana! (no beef, pal).
      > Salud!
      > --
      > Hector Landaeta.
      > Colonia Tovar - Venezuela.
      > P.S: What does that ³Slainte!² thing of Harry¹s mean?

      Apologies accepted, Hector. Donations, money, gifts, women, alcohol
      also accepted. :-)))

      That ³Slainte!² thing is my Scottish ancestry sneaking out.

      Slainte Mhath
      Means literally "Good Health" - slainte translates
      vaguely as health, "mhath" is the feminine form of "math" (pron.
      "maa"). In Scots Gaelic, we aspirate to make an adjective feminine
      (aspitate means pronounce with a breathing, or an h sound).

      Thus the name "Mairi" (Marie) is given extra feminine emphasis by
      aspiration - "Mhairi" (pron. "Varry").

      It is also an Irish word Irish, gaelic
      (scottish), and welsh are all related languages.

      Pronounce "slainte mhath" like this - "Slanzh'va", and utter it
      when someone buys you a drink!

      Slainte mhor agus a h-uile beannachd duibh ("Good health and every
      good blessing to you!")

      regards Harry
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