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  • BJ & FM Poke
    ... From: BJ & FM Poke To: Sent: Tuesday, 11 January 2000 10:13 Subject: reply to ~!@#$%^&*()
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2000
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      From: BJ & FM Poke <bjfm@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, 11 January 2000 10:13
      Subject: reply to ~!@#$%^&*()

      > des and richard youv'e got a lot to answer for starting these
      > newsgroups,it's great maybe there is a st.arnold [the patron saint of
      > brewers] wow,the quality lately is astonishing photo's,diagrams etc.etc.
      > os in queensland=fabulous one day ,sunny the next1.
      > 1.throw away the first 50ml of yield
      > 2.the water flow configuration is creating an anti-venturi effect ,re-plumb
      > into two separate systems
      > 3.height of tower needs to be min. one metre with that diameter
      > 4.although your'e still is atmospheric you will get some back pressure which
      > will give you a slight bullshit reading,use thermo. as a guide not an
      > absolute,checking the yield is far more accurate.
      > 5.if you load different potential feedstock[wash a/v] you will get slightly
      > different performance.
      > 6.no-volume loading changes not a problem appropos this problem
      > 7.2400 watts fine up to 60 litres after that would get slow.
      > 8.some solutions==leave still alone and slow it down by 50%
      > ===increase tower as suggested and change water
      > system
      > ==shove a piece of solid s.s. up tower to
      > restrict vapour flow by 40/50 %
      > ==grow mango's instead and send them to me
      > rob van leuven
      > yes please keep the info. coming your'e original photo was a real sensation
      > and any modifications will be eagerly awaited==to answer part of your
      > question look at www.ozemail.com.au/~azamith/ it's on aaron's home
      > page,distilling.===we seem to be having trouble getting the photo to des's
      > newsgroup Distillers@onelist.com can you send it direct????
      > jan-willem
      > the n.g. listed just above your name is moderated and des may have been on
      > holiday that's why a slight delay
      > for an answer on temp. probes look at answers to os in queensland this
      > posting
      > do you mean your reflux tower is 1000mm x 42mm ?????
      > at the risk of starting world war 3 from this site ,but i believe
      > temperature controllers are a waste of $$$$$$ and time if every thing is
      > roughly "balanced" and especially the element is the right wattage and
      > CONSTANTLY on not cutting in and out bloody physics,god love it will take
      > care of the rest
      > re file section do you mean archives yes Distillers@onelist.com has an
      > archive section on the home page but distillation@... doesn't
      > seem to have this
      > richard am i right ????
      > are you aware of www.ozemail.com.au/~azamith/ www.webconx.com/ethanol.htm
      > www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/ www.kare.com.au/distill/
      > mel in canada =tnx for the greetings
      > tony ackland in n.z. or are you in oz
      > hard to keep up with these international travellers
      > ah!!!! i feel a reading coming on from the good book ,more particularly the
      > ten commandments and ALL ten are the same 1-10 ==and the heavans opened and
      > the good lord confronted the distillers and smote them with their condensors
      > and boomed "commandments one to ten my sons and daughters shall be forthwith
      > sent to tasmania when you die instead of heaven==
      > brass has never been a problem to us we use it ads the interface betwixt
      > s.s. and copper
      > jim[mistymdw]=follow the url's above and you won't believe your luck for
      > still designs but look out you may be smote by a condensor
      > michael bauermeister
      > don't give up go to www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/ and look at double
      > distilling or similar wording ==
      > os in queensland again
      > os the news is only challenging==no wood of aussie origin is any good for
      > kegs==yes 80% is a little too big to mature at come down to bet.70-58 ish.
      > your'e ex beer barrel would have been pitch lined,the grog would never have
      > touched the wood,jeeez iv'e just shattered another myth,sorry,
      > brian
      > d
      > .
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