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Liqueur flavours

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    I ve been reading an old book of mine Fortunes in Formulas , a pearl from 1948, which covers everything from how to make skin bleach for negros through to
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      I've been reading an old book of mine "Fortunes in Formulas",
      a pearl from 1948, which covers everything from how to make
      skin bleach for negros through to luminous paints (just need some
      uranium nitrate ...)

      However, it also has a section of Liqueurs, that i thought
      could amuse you. The instructions are simple - heat all mixtures,
      keep the product in the dark, and keep in a warm place.
      Exclude air (fill to the stopper), and let age.

      Most appear difficult to make, and certainly not for the faint of heart.


      Benedictine (i)

      Bitter almonds 40 grams
      Powdered nutmeg 4.5 grams
      Extract vanilla 120 grams
      Powdered cloves 2 grams
      Lemons, sliced 2 grams
      True saffron 0.6 grams
      Sugar 2000 grams
      Boiling milk 1000 grams
      Alcohol (95%) 2000 cc
      Distilled water 2500 cc

      let stand for 9 days, with occasional agitation. Filter sufficiently


      Benedictine (ii)

      Essence Benedictine (see below) 75 cc
      Alcohol (95%) 1700 cc
      Sugar 1750 grams
      Water, distilled 1600 cc

      mix together, when clear solution of sugar is obtained.
      Colour with caramel. Filter sufficiently. Note - this liqueur
      should be at least 1 year old before used.

      Essence Benedictine

      Part (a)

      Myrrh 1 part
      Decorticated cardamom 1 part
      Mace 1 part
      Ginger 10 parts
      Galanga root 10 parts
      Orange peel (cut) 10 parts
      Extract aloe 4 parts
      Alcohol 160 parts
      Water 80 parts

      mix, macerate 10 days and filter

      Part (b)

      Extract licorice 20 parts
      Sweet spirits niter 200 parts
      Acetic ether 30 parts
      Spirits ammoniua 1 part
      Coumarin 0.12 part
      Vanillin 1 part

      Part (c)

      Oil lemon 3 drops
      Oil orange peel 3 drops
      oil wormwood 2.5 drops
      oil galanga 2 drops
      oil ginger 1 drop
      oil anise 15 drops
      oil cascarilla 15 drops
      oil bitter almond 12 drops
      oil milfoil 10 drops
      oil sassafras 7 drops
      oil angelica 6 drops
      oil hyssop 4 drops
      oil cardamon 2 drops
      oil hops 2 drops
      oil juniper 1 drop
      oil rosemary 1 drop.

      Mix (a), (b), and (c). Note this essence should stand for 2 years
      before being used for liqueurs [talk about difficult ! Tony]


      Chartreuse - Elixir vegetal de iz Grande Chartreuse

      Fresh balm mint herbs 64 parts
      Fresh hyssop herbs 64 parts
      Angelica herbs and root, fresh, together 32 parts
      Cinnamon 16 parts
      Saffron 4 parts
      Mace 4 parts

      Macerate for a week with alcohol (96%), 1000 parts, then squeeze off
      and distill the liquid obtained over a certain quantity of fresh
      herbs of balm and hyssop. After 125 parts of sugar has been added, filter


      Curacao Liqueur

      oil lemon, q.s 10 drops
      oil bitter almond, q.s. 5 drops
      oil curacao orange 15 parts
      oil sweet orange 1 part
      oil bitter orange 1 part
      cochineal 1 part
      French brandy 50 parts
      Alcohol 4,500 parts
      Sugar 3,500 parts
      Water (distilled) 4,000 parts

      mix, filter, colour with caramel


      Artificial French Brandy (i)

      Eugene Dieterich's formula for Spiritus vini Gallici artifioialis

      Tincture of gall-apples 10 parts
      Aromatic tincture 5 parts
      Purified wood vinegar 5 parts
      Spirit of nitrous ether 10 parts
      Acetic ether 1 part
      Alcohol, 68% 570 parts
      Water 400 parts

      mix, adding the water last, let stand for several days, then filter


      Artificial French Brandy (ii)

      The Munchener Apotheker Verein has the following ..

      Acetic acid, dilute, 90% 4 parts
      Acetic ether 4 parts
      Tincture aromatic 40 parts
      Cognac essence 40 parts
      spirit of nitrous ether 20 parts
      Alcohol, 90% 5,000 parts
      Water, distilled 2,500 parts


      Artificial French Brandy (iii)

      The Berlin Apothecaries have adopted the following as a
      magistral formula:

      Aromatic tincture 4 parts
      Spirit of nitrous ether 5 parts
      Alcohol 90% 1000 parts
      Distilled water, sufficient to make 2000 parts

      Mix the tincture a dnt ether with the alcohol, add the water
      and for every ounce add one drop of tinicture of rhatany.

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