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RE: [Distillers] Re: head body tail separator, result

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  • Johan
    Riku, As long as the gasket is tight enough it ll be fine, but if it isn t well the it s no fun at all as you already know. Cablefittings is easy to make a
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 1, 2003
      Riku, As long as the gasket is tight enough it'll be fine, but if it
      isn't well the it's no fun at all as you already know.
      Cablefittings is easy to make a tight fit with, inside the fitting is a
      rubber gasket that is squeezed to make a real tight fit around the pipe.
      It will never get in contact with the alcohol itself, but there are
      metal ones if you choose to get a cable fitting anyway.
      Make sure there will be some air in the head bottle when it's full. If
      not it'll be hard to remove the bottle from the separator at the end of
      the run. Especially the head bottle as this need to be removed first to
      drain the separator from alcohol.

      Yes the pipe inside the bottle can be adjusted, another way is to fill
      the bottles with some before start. Air escape through the same pipe.
      And it's connected to the separator via a hose.

      Piece of advice, don't make distance to short between the output to each
      cut on the main tube (the tube that is connected to the still) otherwise
      it will start to fill up the middle cut pipe with some head which is
      then pushed over to middle cut when the head bottle is full.

      Tipringwaterpipe, I'll make a better instruction later on, but check out
      the autoseparator catalog in the files area, it's the same idea, the
      only difference between that on and the one I made now is that air
      escape trough the same hose, and I made it in copper to make it a little
      more stable and compact and have the possibility make several different


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      I guess I'll have to build one myself. Instead of those cable
      fittings I thought I would try airlock gaskets from fermentation
      bucket. If I understood it correctly you have a copper pipe that goes
      to the bottle and you can adjust the cut by sliding it up or down?
      That pipe in turn is connected to the separator with hose? Time to
      visit the HW store for some tin and hose I think. Thanks for sharing
      your invention!

      Greetz, Riku

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Johan" <mugg@h...> wrote:
      > I re-distilled stripped alcohol and some extra head and tail.
      > 1 litre head, 5 litre middle cut and 2 litres of tail collected
      from the
      > separator.
      > No problems with the separator, it acts like it should.
      > Next I'll add a thermostat that turn off power when the temperature
      > getting high in the column.
      > And after that I'll build a new column with one very interesting
      > But I won't reveal what it is yet ;)
      > Johan
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