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RE: [Distillers] How much?

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  • Pete Sayers
    Yes johan, i missed the mark,it s actually a whole lot less than that, around .25% regards Pete ... From: Johan Hemberg [mailto:hemberg@hem.passagen.se] Sent:
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 21, 2000
      Yes johan, i missed the mark,it's actually a whole lot less than that,
      around .25%
      regards Pete

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      From: Johan Hemberg [mailto:hemberg@...]
      Sent: Friday, 22 December 2000 02:03
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      Subject: Re: [Distillers] How much?

      1-2% methanol? is this really right? sound very much to me.

      > Hey guys, the amount to discard, is as Tony says, directly related to the
      > batch being distilled.ie if you are doing one 20-25litre batch, then we
      > one lot of "nasties" to deal with, As we are generally using a sugar based
      > wash, then the methanol produced is minimal, maybe 1-2%.Therefore if we
      > distilling a wash containing the results of two yeasts, then we take two
      > lots of about 50-75ml each,ie 100-150ml. However as Tony mentions, if we
      > using a wash based on a vegetable, or a grain, then there will be a much
      > greater content of Cellulose, which translates to a larger production of
      > methanol.
      > pete
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      > From: Tony & Elle Ackland [mailto:Tony.Ackland@...]
      > Sent: Thursday, 21 December 2000 06:45
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      > ..while discarding the first 50ml of each 4.5 ltr run.
      > Pilch, a good rule-of-thumb is to discard 50 mL per 20L wash.
      > You should also have a fair idea by watching the temperature as to if you
      > want to collect more or not.
      > If you see the temperature hesistate as its going through the 60's-early
      > 70's, this is the methanol (if present) coming off. If its all over
      > the first 10-20 mL, then the temperature continues climbing up into the
      > 80's, then you're doing OK (discard 50 mL to play safe).
      > If however the temperature doesn't start climbing again until well after
      > the first 50 mL/20L (maybe using a pot still, or fermented say berries
      > a high pectin content), then discard more, until you see the temperature
      > to the 80's
      > By temperature, I mean the vapour temperature just prior to the final
      > condensor.
      > Tony
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