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Dried Fruit Liqueur

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  • waljaco
    Dried fruit can be used to make liqueurs. Young s Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets , 1861, contains 2 recipes where dried peaches are added to
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      Dried fruit can be used to make liqueurs.
      'Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets', 1861,
      contains 2 recipes where dried peaches are added to whiskey, which
      scaled down appears to be about 30g of dried peach/litre. In 'The
      CWi Civil War Cookbook' there is a recipe for a 'Burnt Brandy and
      Peach' which uses 2-3 slices dried peaches, 1/2 tbsp sugar and 1 wine
      glass (150 ml) of cognac. It says "This drink is very popular in the
      Southern States, where it is sometimes used as a cure for diarrhea."
      Possibly 'Southern Comfort' belongs to this tradition. Old Scottish
      and Irish whisky/whiskey (usquebaugh) liqueurs used a variety of
      dried fruits and spices as flavoring.
      Dried fruits contain about 20-25% moisture content and 60-70% natural
      Here is a standard recipe for using dried fruit of your choice
      (apricots, peaches, pears, apples, prunes). It would be advisable to
      wash the dried fruit to remove preservatives and mineral oils if
      these are not naturally dried -

      Dried Fruit Liqueur
      1 litre alcohol (20-40%abv)
      300 g dried fruit (about 2 cups)
      1 cup of sugar (dried fruit itself contains sugar so adjust added
      sugar to taste)

      Macerate ingredients for 6 weeks. Filter/decant. Bottle.

      Raisins and currants can also be used. Moisture content is reduced to
      17-22% and sugar content is about 75%. It takes 4 kg of grapes to
      make 1 kg of raisins, so 300 g of raisins is equivalent to about 1 kg
      of fresh grapes. -

      Raisin or Currant Liqueur ('Licor de uvas pasas')
      1 litre alcohol (20-40%abv)
      2 cups of raisins or currants (300 g)
      1 cup of sugar
      1 stick of cinnamon
      2 tsp vanilla extract

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