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Visitation Water?

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      > In a now defunct French site, there was a recipe for an 'Eau de la
      > cote des Visitandines' which probably is a transcription error,
      > and 'cote' (coast, bank) should be 'cloitre' (cloister). The
      > French 'Visitandines' are the 'Sisters of the Visitation' or
      > the 'Order of the Visitation of St. Mary', but I have not come
      > any other reference to a liqueur made by them, although there is a
      > French almond meal cake called 'Gateau des Visitandines'. As the
      > liqueur is based on redistillation, I thought it interesting to
      > flavoring possibilities of spices, nuts and fruit. I have scaled it
      > to 1 litre:
      > Visitation Water ('Eau de la cloitre des Visitandines')
      > 1 litre neutral alcohol (45%bv)
      > 12.5g cinnamon
      > Zest of 1/4 citron (aromatic citrus sp., replacement - 1 lemon)
      > 12.5g dates
      > 12.5g dried figs
      > 6.2g bitter almonds (or apricot kernels)
      > 1.6g nutmeg
      > Macerate for 2 weeks and then redistill. Dilute to 30%abv.
      > Wal
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