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RE: [Distillers] Re aeration

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  • Pete Sayers
    To Don and Scott, dont worry, whilst it is LEGAL to distill here in New Zealand, there is still some resistance by our local CONSTABULARY,in the form of Press
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      To Don and Scott, dont worry, whilst it is LEGAL to distill here in New
      Zealand, there is still some resistance by our local CONSTABULARY,in the
      form of "Press Releases" regarding the POISONOUS alcohol being peddaled
      around town. A few months ago some unscrupulous bastard was selling home
      made alcohol to local teenagers. These kids were getting absolutely shit
      faced, and wandering (if they could walk) around town causing a problem for
      the boys in blue.This resulted in a press release stating that our children
      were drinking over proof liquor, that possibly contained toxins, poisons
      etc. I rang the policeman who made these statements( i happened to know
      him)and he came down to talk to me. I asked him the question, that if some
      wanker was imoral enough to sell home made spirits to kids, then wouldn't
      that person also be imoral enough to sell these kids watered down stuff,the
      policeman agreed. That took care of the over proof spirit bit. I then
      explained to the policeman how our Distilling Systems worked, and how ,
      because we are making small batches, and taking extra special care to
      produce the best quality spirit we can. We also go the extra distance to
      ensure that virtually no impurities are present in the final product.I also
      showed him a Gas Chromatograph read out showing that our home made stuff,
      was in facrt "Cleaner" than the store bought stuff.That policeman is now a
      "Spirit making client" and fully realises the error of his ways, and enjoys
      the product he is now making.
      Just a little story for your enjoyment
      regards Pete from Brewers Barn

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      >>assuming this does work then does anybody know why?
      >>from scott

      Scott, et.al.
      Specific to this question..... it works because you have vaporized a
      quantity of the alcohol (which is a molecular complex) and could achieve the
      same "short term" effect by diluting it.

      The aging process allows "trace amounts" of oxygen to react with certain
      esters and eldihydes "over time" (which are harsh to the nose and taste)
      which causes these elements to change into acids, which are much more
      pleasing to the nose and taste. This is a very slow process which cannot be
      sped up in any fashion that I've ever discovered.

      The use of charcoal and filtering will remove most of these elements and
      make your spirit more palatable, however, it cannot replace the acids formed
      during long-term aging, which adds considerably to the finished product.

      When you pump oxygen into a liquid, it will only hold a set amount of it in
      suspension, the rest escapes, so there is no point trying to add more. A few
      minutes with a good air-stone will add all the oxygen to the alcohol mix
      that it can hold. At this point, if you bottle it and put it away in a cool,
      dark place for 5 to 10 years, nature will do the rest. Few of us have that
      kind of patience.....

      You could set aside one or two bottles out of every batch and make more
      frequent batches..... it's amazing how fast time flies when your having
      fun..... Before you know it, you'll be wishing you'd set aside a lot more!

      For the short-term however, if your "shine" is too harsh to enjoy, use the
      "polishing" techniques set out in the FAQ section to strip away most of
      these elements, then add your favorite flavoring. It is, after all, better
      than nothing.

      Only as a matter of possible interest, the question of "blindness and
      death" from homemade spirits uppermost in the minds of the unenlightened is
      due, in large part, to the campaign waged by the U.S. Gov't during
      It was an unwritten practice at the time for the "Revenuers" to leave in
      operation certain illegal stills that were known to be producing harmful
      product, while blowing-up the ones producing top-quality shine.
      Then, whenever anyone was discovered to have suffered or died from
      ingesting this "illegal substance", they went to great effort to make sure
      it got as much press as possible, to serve as a deterrent.
      I picked this tid-bit up in an old book on the history of moonshine in
      the U.S., written by a former agent. The Gov't has steadfastly denied this
      was ever the practice........

      So much for my 2 cents and 15 minutes on the soap-box.


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