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  • BJ & FM Poke
    ho! ho! ho! which one of you 5 is going to come down my chimney???? santa must be issued with red thongs,red shorts and red t shirt when he comes thru
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 1999
      ho! ho! ho! which one of you 5 is going to come down my chimney???? santa must be issued with red thongs,red shorts and red t shirt when he comes thru australian customs he wouldn't last 2 minutes today in the red suit and aaron smith is laying on a queensland beach,i'm not envious[much]====
      tom johnson==unless i read your question wrong you don't seem to have a fermentation stage to generate the initial alcohol,at the end of this posting i will list 4 websites[non-commercial] you can go to which have info and will lead you to books ,many other sites etc. etc.

      ed==yes your mate [btw]will need other info ,i will get you the name address etc. etc. of a co. in holland who MIGHT assist and maybe not for free,but if you buy the ingredients from them maybe free???? i will notify you soon this site,i can't divulge any specific methodology/intellectual property.
      when you are talking to btw again though tell him the words for the day in tasmania are maceration, 7 days, expression and filtration ,you will then see a glimmer of hope and delight overcome his face.

      mel===tnx for xmas wishes,excellent project you certainly get into it,couple of obs,1.leave room under elements to clean 2. 20 litres in a 50 litre vessel which also has a reflux tower may be slow going depending on the wattage your'e driving it with eh ! in the pot still commercial world we work on about 30/35 % headroom with no reflux tower 3. 2 elements is an excellent idea plenty of flexibility

      yorg===no! no! no! we sell our foreshots as metho and we denature them with the pyridine and wood naptha group[s] two of the most obnoxious,toxic/poisonous compounds in that family, our bible the australian/new zealand food authority act has chosen these particular ones for the previous reasons but because they BOND in an ethanol/water solution most delightfully to the point that to separate this evil concoction you would need rising/falling film distillation equipment which worked under vacuum as well and then the result after one pass may only be marginal,did i mention the cost of the equipment,,start around 6 figures, our co. would be delighted to build this just send money with that bloke in the red shorts,thongs and tee shirt or tie it to rudolf's nose

      tom url's=== www.kare.com.au/distill/ www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/ www.webconx.com/ethanol.htm www.ozemail.com.au/~azamith

      many regards to all happy millenium,mel i just wish i had hair so i could comb it in my still and i wish i had a bottle of drambuie i'll just have to chew on a gum leaf===
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