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  • Dick Grindley
    In message , Yorg writes ... From what I remember methylated spirits (a.k.a. denatured spirits I
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 19, 1999
      In message <385C3A76.F6D46E7D@...>, Yorg
      <yorgsand@...> writes
      >OK, well I've been thinking:
      >My understanding is that "methylated spirits" as it is called in Australia, is
      >mostly ethanol with methanol thrown in to make it undrinkable.
      >So, anyone tried distilling it to get the ethanol?
      >Would this be feasible at all, do you think?
      From what I remember methylated spirits (a.k.a. denatured spirits I
      think) is ethanol with various chemicals added to make it undrinkable
      (well unless you're desperate). The whole point of denaturing it is to
      add chemicals that can't be easily removed, then it can be sold without
      excise tax and the gaugers won't have to worry about loosing tax
      revenue. The additives chosen have vaporisation properties almost
      identical to ethanol so can't be separated by distillation and/or
      chemical methods. Maybe Brian in Tas might have more up to date
      professional info, mind you I do remember tasting Phillipino whiskey
      once & might be pressed to differentiate between that & meths. Have a
      good xmas & even better Hogmanay. Lang may yir stills reek.
      PS I'm assured by friends in the lower parts of Edinburgh that adding
      milk to meths makes it more palatable but think about the colour ..... !
      Dick on the Langwang.
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