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Re: [Distillers] Re: boiler insulation

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  • tipringwaterpipe
    Mike I gotta say That is one beautiful looking boiler. I ve never seen a vacuum cleaner quite like that on. Oh, and btw those guys with their electric
    Message 1 of 36 , Jul 1, 2003
      Mike I gotta say "That is one beautiful looking boiler." I've never seen a vacuum cleaner quite like that on.
      Oh, and btw those guys with their electric boilers are going to look pretty silly when they show up at the "1st Annual Home Distlilers Convention" (when ever that is) looking for a fuse panel. ;-) I am quite happy with my 65,000 BTU propane burner. I will be off camping in a couple of weeks and it will definetly be with me....don't know what I would do with a 30 gallon hot water tank at a camp site ;-)
      Down - the - Hatch

      Mike Nixon <mike@...> wrote:
      rodmacd2000 wrote:
      Subject: [Distillers] Re: boiler insulation

      I bow to your greatly superior knowledge Mike. (Duh ... yeah!  :-) Can just speak of my personal experience (non-plumber, non-engineer, and - sob - son of an accountant who couldn't change the oil in his car if the instructions were tatooed on his ass).

      I had absolutely *no* problems coverting a 43 litre GSA water heater into a boiler for my still following John Stone's clear (to me anyway) instructions. They included removing the "sacrificial anode", bypassing the thermostat, etc. and required no materials or tools not readily available at your local Canadian Tire or Home Depot store.

      It seems to me that anyone who can't see clearly that a still boiler must be open to the atmosphere (and therefore incapable of expolding from overpressure) shouldn't be building their own boiler anyway.

      IMHO the conversion of a water heater to a still boiler requires no more plumber or engineer qualifications then any othere means of building a still boiler.
      I'm sure you had no problems, and my post was not meant to offend you in any way.  Probably 99% of those on this list wouldn't.  That still leaves the 1% who would do something wrong, and then we would have the potential for an accident.  Quite apart from the injuries suffered by the hapless perpetrator, it could lead to very bad press for the hobby and encourage legislators to bear down even heavier than they do now.  Things like sacrificial anode and thermostat are fairly obvious, but many boilers contain hidden parts like the one I mentioned ... a downtube from the inlet port.  Connecting your column to that port and sealing the outlet (and on my water heater they both look exactly the same, being distinguished only by a single sticker pasted beside the inlet) would mean that your boiler would not be open to atmosphere.  A boiling geyser looks pretty in a park, but not inside.  All I was trying to say is that it is irresponsible to assume that everyone has the same level of expertise, and my recommendation stands ... if you have any doubts at all, get it checked out by someone who does know what they are doing, eg. a plumber.  That's not much to ask.
      By the way, how would you manage a whiskey mash in a water heater that has only two small holes in the top?  Having a decent sized lid or hatch does have its benefits.  I still use my much derided vacuum cleaner boiler which has a very convenient domed lid that clamps securely in place.
      Mike N

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    • rodmacd2000
      Don t forget to insulate your column while you re at it!
      Message 36 of 36 , Jan 5 10:34 AM
        Don't forget to insulate your column while you're at it!

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        > >
        > > > Hey all,
        > > >
        > > > Was wondering about boiler insulation, whether bother to use it
        > and
        > > > if so what to use? I'd imagine it would increase the heat
        > effeciency
        > > > greatly. Thoughts?
        > >
        > > I wrap my boiler with a 1" rockwool blanket. Propane and time
        > consumption is gratly reduced. I use it with a propane burner
        > without problem. Rockwool (or sg. similar product) is flame
        > resistant at this temperature.
        > Joe
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