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Re: [Distillers] Fruit cordials / liqueurs and sugar

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  • Hector A. Landaeta C.
    On 23/6/03 3:50 PM, Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS) ... Indeed. If you¹re planning on doing schnapps or ³eaux de vie² redistill. If you¹re aiming at cordials
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      Re: [Distillers] Fruit cordials / liqueurs and sugar On 23/6/03 3:50 PM, "Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)" <Tony.Ackland@...> wrote:

      > I am distilling a neutral spirit from a sugar/nutrient wort out to
      > 95% or so.  Based on what I have read here and elsewhere, I am going
      > to chop some strawberries or apricots and dehydrate them in the
      > distilled spirit for a few days.  Then I will run my new liquor
      > through my pot still to around 75-80% (may require two runs) in order
      > to keep as much of the flavor as possible.

      I dont redistill it after soaking the fruit.  Just strain the fruit out once its picked up enough flavour, and add the sugar & dilute down.

      The only time i redistill is when making gin & sambucca essences, when i want a clear clean essence to use.  

      Indeed.  If you’re planning on doing schnapps or “eaux de vie” redistill.  If you’re aiming at cordials (with bigger fruit taste and color) use the extract.  Remember not to add the sugar directly (as our friend Tony incorrectly describes) but as a syrup, previously diluted in boiling water.  Do the math before mixing the definite blend so as not to be short or high in alcohol content and remember to include the water you’ll use for the syrup.  You can use your alcoholmeter to check the alcohol content of the fruit extract because that would be just a (fruit) water and alcohol mix.
      Salud amigos.
      Hector Landaeta.
      Colonia Tovar - Venezuela.
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