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Re: [Distillers] Beer for yeast

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  • jerry pace
    The best way to get a beer yeast is to purchase it...beer Yeast is not that costly and can be bought easy almost any where. I get mine from local home brew
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2003
      The best way to get a beer yeast is to purchase it...beer Yeast is not that costly and can be bought easy almost any where. I get mine from local home brew shop a  package of yeast 5grams and some packages 6grams to the imported good stuff Coopers at 15 gram....cost 75cents US to $1.50 US..... Now most beers that are processed in the US are filtered threw fine filters to get the Yeast out....If you must try this do a Step Culture  add 2 to 3 tablespoons of dry malt extract in  sterile container  (I use glass) stoppered bottle flask... add 1/4 cup or 50ml of boiled cooled water then decant the beer off the  yeast sediments that is on the bottom of the bottle in to the flask seal the bottle and store in a warm ,dark (cover the yeast with a cloth) with all the risk of containment of the starter...clean room...draft free( not draft beer) for wild yeast to enter....and it all be taken over by the wild yeast or  go Bonkers on ya ....It is a lot easier to get my Known to be good strain and prove yeast from my brew shop...I have been very fortunate in getting a 250ml to 500ml bottle of yeast slurry from a Brew on site Pub.If ya try it use a beer that has a live yeast  ,bottle conditioned Beer...good luck to ya

      Stevensgang@... wrote:
      Would  one be able to use a can  of beer for the yeast in a batch of
      mash?? Or are all of the yeast present already  dead through
      processing?   I just thought if it would work one could gain a cheap
      source of yeast that  is stronger than bakers?
      One  reason I thought it might work was because I had a friend who
      developed some sort of a yeast infection. He was not allowed to eat any
      bread or drink any beer. Basically anything that had yeast in it!
      I have read where some of the members have used bread for yeast. And
      bread has of course went through a process and a hot oven!!
      Therefore thinking scientifically  without any scientific background. I
      have deducted that maybe there was a chance something like this may
      work.                            Now I need someone who does know what
      they are talking about to set me straight!!
      Any takers???         Steve

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