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Sloppin' Back - Sam's lost post :)

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  • Deb
    You gotta make sure to reply to all or at least to distillers *S* ... From: Sam Dabbs Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2000 8:36 PM To: Deb Subject: Re:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2000
      You gotta make sure to reply to all or at least to "distillers" *S*

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      From: Sam Dabbs
      Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2000 8:36 PM
      To: Deb
      Subject: Re: <<<<<<<Sloppin' Back

      Deb's right here my-man. I looked back and saw that I mentioned "out
      of the cooker", silly me... Sorry about the confusion. I guess I just
      got carried away. I didn't strain mine so to speak. I pumped out beer
      from the barrel and left the grain. I used about half old and half
      new grain. NO YEAST. It is already there. I added water and the same
      amount of sugar as when I would start a fresh batch. Stir like crazy
      and you only have to wait for 3 days max for the cap to form and fall
      and you are ready for a good run. Like I mentioned, third time is the
      best as far as taste and quantity in my opinion.

      --- In Distillers@egroups.com, "Deb" <witchwriter@a...> wrote:
      > You don't slop back what you run, just your leftover mash. We use
      grain and
      > when we strain our mash we slop back into a new batch of mash all
      of the
      > grain that was left in the strainer :)
      > Deb Brewer
      > witchwriter@a...
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      > From: tarvus [mailto:tarvus@m...]
      > Sent: Saturday, September 30, 2000 8:20 PM
      > To: Distillers@egroups.com
      > Subject: [Distillers] Re: <<<<<<<Sloppin' Back
      > Hey MooNShiNeR, thanks for the info on sloppin' back! But several
      > things that I am confused about - I would think that the boiling
      > temps of the first run would kill the yeast in the slop. Where does
      > the live yeast come from for the next run? Remnants in the
      > fermenter? Do you add new yeast? Do you have to wait for the slop
      > to cool before "slopping back"?
      > Is it the nutrients in the slop that make this technique
      > advantageous? Does this concentrate the low alcohols and fusil oils
      > in the next wash? What effect does this have on the next run?
      > Sorry for so many questions. I have read of this technique as an
      > moonshiner's trick. Isn't this similar to "sour mashing"? Does this
      > work only for grain based washes or would it work for those of us
      > doing pure sugar based washes as well?
      > best regards,
      > Tar
      > --- In Distillers@egroups.com, "MooNShiNeR " <dabbs@m...> wrote:
      > > Ok,
      > >
      > > Here's 'th spill. Ya ready?? My notes on sloppin back, ya'll
      > > folks've caLLed it yeast recyclin. That's just fine (must be city
      > > folk) Ya'll alright. I luv ya jess 'th same.
      > > Ok, see... What I'm tryin to say hear see, is...
      > > After yor first run 'O mash, save about half 'O that slop thar in
      > > thet cooker 'O yors and put thet rite back in thet there barrel.
      > OK,
      > > bucket for you short runnrs. Add half agin as much new fresh grain
      > to
      > > hit. DON'T put n'more yeast inner. She's got enuff rite thar whare
      > > shes at. OK, put the usual amounts of sugar rite in thar as well.
      > > Watchr work up a STORM and make sum goooood likker my frens.
      > > Specially on the thrice batch like I toldja b'fore. Now do this up
      > to
      > > 6-7 times. Toldja thet one too. Man, ya'll gonna make sum goood
      > sh*t,
      > > I tell ya.
      > > When I'm through witchall, ya gwon 't make sum two shot stuff. Two
      > > shotz and you'll be bouncing off 'th walls to find jore bed at
      > night.
      > >
      > > };^)> <~~~~~~Self portrait
      > >
      > > P.S. Thanx for the complimentarty reemarx there Deb. Yor almost
      > > homefolk, jess round the corner ya are. I'm here in the moonshine
      > > capital of the world where the good ol shiners invented NASCAR
      > > dontchaknow. Way back when we were jess tryin to outrun dem
      > revenoorz.
      > > Now they got us all goin round in circles. Boy how times've
      > changed...
      > > MooNShiNeR
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