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Where's my post?

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  • Sam Dabbs
    Hello again! Is it me or what? My post are slllooooowww in getting on this board. Sure its just me. I don t see anyone else mentioning it. It s like a killer
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1 6:11 PM
      Hello again!

      Is it me or what? My post are slllooooowww in getting on this
      board. Sure its just me. I don't see anyone else mentioning it. It's
      like a killer delayed reaction. I was suprized to see my test post
      show up. It came the next day. I must be doing something wrong or

      Ok, so I won't be totally off topic here. About submarine stills.

      You start digging a hole and make it the right depth and length to
      accomodate your 2000 gallon still. Yep, we got them here.
      They are rectangle in shape and go up almost to a point on the end
      veiw and then flaten out on top. We got to hide our stuff out here
      because we are moonshiners and considered outlaws of a sort. But
      these days getting caught means $100 fine. That's it and then your
      back in business untill the next time. It doesn't matter if its a 5
      gallon still or a 5,000 gallon still, the penalty is the same. So it
      pays to go for the gusto. You New Zealanders got it made. Anyway, you
      make a steel pipe burner that has several legs with an adjustable air
      mixture valve to fire the kettle. Usually have at least a 300 gallon
      LP gas tank to work with. On the big operations I've seen tanks on
      wheels to haul to the filling station. Wouldn't want anyone coming to
      your farm to fill up now would you?
      Cover the kettle with some plywood and/or tree limbs or whatever to
      keep the "eye in the sky" from noticing anything. Everything else is
      done pretty much in the normal fashion. Shotgun condensers are a must
      in this situation because of volume. Mash will be pumped into the
      submarine still and another pump will pump out the contents after the
      run. Feed the old mash to the hogs, they'll love you for life. It's
      good for them.
      These are big time operations that made people in these parts land
      rich. The bigger the spread, the bigger the still.
      If some is good, more is better and too much has to be JUST RIGHT!
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