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  • Deb
    You don t slop back what you run, just your leftover mash. We use grain and when we strain our mash we slop back into a new batch of mash all of the grain
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2000
      You don't slop back what you run, just your leftover mash.  We use grain and when we strain our mash we slop back into a new batch of mash all of the grain that was left in the strainer :)

      Deb Brewer


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      Hey MooNShiNeR, thanks for the info on sloppin' back!  But several
      things that I am confused about - I would think that the boiling
      temps of the first run would kill the yeast in the slop.  Where does
      the live yeast come from for the next run?  Remnants in the
      fermenter?  Do you add new yeast?  Do you have to wait for the slop
      to cool before "slopping back"? 

      Is it the nutrients in the slop that make this technique 
      advantageous?  Does this concentrate the low alcohols and fusil oils
      in the next wash?  What effect does this have on the next run? 

      Sorry for so many questions.  I have read of this technique as an old
      moonshiner's trick.  Isn't this similar to "sour mashing"? Does this
      work only for grain based washes or would it work for those of us
      doing pure sugar based washes as well?

      best regards,

      --- In Distillers@egroups.com, "MooNShiNeR " <dabbs@m...> wrote:
      > Ok,
      >    Here's 'th spill. Ya ready?? My notes on sloppin
      back, ya'll
      > folks've caLLed it yeast recyclin. That's just fine (must
      be city
      > folk) Ya'll alright. I luv ya jess 'th
      >    Ok, see... What I'm tryin to say hear see,
      > After yor first run 'O mash, save about half 'O that slop thar in
      > thet cooker 'O yors and put thet rite back in thet there barrel.
      > bucket for you short runnrs. Add half agin as much new fresh
      > hit. DON'T put n'more yeast inner. She's got enuff rite
      thar whare
      > shes at. OK, put the usual amounts of sugar rite in thar as
      > Watchr work up a STORM and make sum goooood likker my frens.
      > Specially on the thrice batch like I toldja b'fore. Now do this up
      > 6-7 times. Toldja thet one too. Man, ya'll gonna make sum goood
      > I tell ya.
      > When I'm through witchall, ya gwon 't make
      sum two shot stuff. Two
      > shotz and you'll be bouncing off 'th walls to
      find jore bed at
      > };^)>   <~~~~~~Self
      > P.S. Thanx for the complimentarty reemarx there Deb.
      Yor almost
      > homefolk, jess round the corner ya are. I'm here in the
      > capital of the world where the good ol shiners invented
      > dontchaknow. Way back when we were jess tryin to outrun dem
      > Now they got us all goin round in circles. Boy how
      > MooNShiNeR

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