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Re: [Distillers] Newchum to Distilling

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  • Brian & Rae Janson
    Mac, I am also in OZ, and have done a multitude of research to do with distilling. For your Bourbon, the spirits unlimited is very good, and for a Jim Beam
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 7, 2000
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      I am also in OZ, and have done a multitude of research to do with
      distilling. For your Bourbon, the spirits unlimited is very good, and for a
      Jim Beam type make sure first that you are using the best carbon available.
      If using spirits unlimited carbons you need to be using either reflux or
      CR - CR is marginally better. There is a carbon on the market in Sth East
      Qld in some shops in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane, Home Brew n' Things
      at Morayfield is one of them, and you can call me, or my wife Rae, there on
      07 5428 2726. We have a carbon called A Grade maxi-pore which is about
      twice as efficient as all others available in Australia. The most effective
      form of carbon treatment for distilled spirit is to actually add the carbon
      to the spirit at a rate of 10 grams per litre, and with the grade A
      maxi-pore that is spirit at ANY percentage alcohol. Leave on carbon for a
      minimum of one week, then filter through 100% cotton high grade filter pads.
      Once you have treated and cut your spirit, add 7mls spirits unlimited
      premium bourbon per 700mls spirit at 40%.
      Then to age, use Amercan oak flavour essence, NOT oak chips, allow to age
      about three months and you have a drink like Beam. To the same, add
      quarter of a teaspoon of caster sugar, thoroughly dissolve and you have Jack
      Daniels type bourbon.
      The less the carbon reacts in your spirit the better - this will only happen
      when you add carbon to high alcohol as what you have distilled has far less
      contaminants and fusil oils, so don't by all means think that only a small
      amount of fizzing is negative!!!
      Regards and good luck, BRIAN.
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      > To all concerned,hello my name is Mac many thanks for info gleaned
      > from your pages on the net having constructed my first still at xmas
      > 2000 using Bob Lennons info on the 3ft reflux columm and placing it
      > on top
      > of a 50lt beer keg with 2 1200 watt hot water urn elements I am
      > having success with just under 4 lts of Spirit at 90-94% alc.strength
      > with each run. My Questions if possible to be answered are as follows.
      > 1) has any one successfully imitated the taste and smell of Jim Beam
      > Bourbon, with essencess eg. vanilla coconut etc.etc. or come close to
      > it . How do you get that Sweet background taste.I've thought about
      > the addition of a handfull of malted corn added at the oak chip stage
      > or perhaps corn syrup.??
      > I use 8kgs of sugar and alcotec turbo 8 in 25 lts to get my base
      > alchohol with the addition of Spirits Unlimited premium Bourbon
      > Flavouring essence.This is the taste and smell I'm aiming for as
      > J.Beam is my prefered drink but oh so expensive..!!
      > 2) I add 10 grams a ltr of CR carbon (spirits unlimited) I get no
      > reaction it virtually sinks straight to the bottom of the container
      > should it Fizz, is this the correct amount for 90%-94% alc.I then
      > leave it 6 -20 days then oak chips for 20 days +
      > 3) Then finally through Filter carbon at a drop a second approx.,
      > does this stage need to be done??
      > 4) My initial S.G. is approx 1190 at 23deg C and drops down
      > to .990approx after 5 or 6 days can you tell me what percentage of
      > alchohol is present in 25 lts. at 8kgs of sugar my conversion tables
      > don't go that high. I get about 4lts is this correct???
      > Any help with these Questions would be much appreciated. I'm totally
      > in the dark in Oz as everyone is tight lipped and secretive about
      > distilling
      > Once again thank you very much,keep up the great work
      > Mac....
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