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Re: [Distillers] More Of The Same

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    Stop Smudging My Brainz!!!! smudge311065 wrote:Here s yesterday s post explained a little differently. There is a relationship between
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      Stop Smudging My Brainz!!!!

       smudge311065 <smudge@...> wrote:

      Here's yesterday's post explained a little differently.

      There is a relationship between output temperature and output purity.
      This relationship is not cause and effect � its effect and effect.

      Output purity and temperature change together as a result of a
      process that occurs in the column. Call this process heat transfer,
      call it reflux, call it Brian. I don't care what you call it, because
      alcohol doesn't care what you call it.

      This relationship is defined by the following equation:

      y = -2E-07x6 + 9E-05x5 - 0.0189x4 + 2.229x3 - 147.27x2 + 5177x � 75640

      Y is the % output, X is the temp, and degrees are in Celsius. This is
      based on other people's research into the behaviour of ethanol/water
      vapour. The best-fit line is thanks to Microsoft. It's not a perfect
      predictor, but its pretty close.

      This relationship is not up for debate. This relationship applies to
      ethanol/water vapour and is irrespective of still design. Your still
      design may preclude you from operating at some points on this line,

      For someone to say purity is important and temperature is not is
      simply ridiculous � they are two sides of the same coin. Every point
      at which you operate your still can be equally described in terms of
      purity or temperature.

      I confuse people by saying I set the temperature at the top of my
      column. That is true in practical terms, but in reality this is a
      simplification of the truth:

      The only thing I do at the top of my column is MEASURE the
      temperature. Just like the rest of you.

      I will throw away my controller for a minute and replace the
      thermocouple with a thermometer. As I'm distilling, I notice the
      output temperature start to rise. (I could also notice the purity
      drop, but its easier to measure the temperature). If I had a reflux
      valve I could increase the reflux ratio to compensate. I don't have a
      reflux valve so I reduce the input power, which is just another way
      of increasing the reflux ratio.

      You can measure the output purity and adjust the reflux ratio
      directly, or measure the output temperature and adjust the input
      power. Same effective measurement; same effective action.

      The one and only real difference is that you make this adjustment
      manually and I have a box that does it for me. (And I'm told I have a
      lot to learn about still design).


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      I can be wrong I must say
      Cheers, Alex...

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