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  • waljaco
    Mar 10, 2003
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      Msg 4808 contains errors, so the Modern Grappa Recipe in msg 4804 is
      correct (see below).

      Grape's Components:
      Stalk 3-5%
      Skin 6-10%
      Pulp (water, sugars, minerals) 82-90%. The actual water content of
      grapes is approx. 65-75%.
      Seeds 2-4%

      The grape pomace (vinaccia in Italian) contains about 10% sugar or 5%
      alcohol if fermentation has occured. Traditionally equal quantity of
      water was added and redistilled in a pot still. A modern grappa
      recipe could be based on making a 'false wine', as sugar is
      affordable these days, and then distilling as for brandy.

      Modern Grappa (4 l or 1 US gallon, adjust to suit pomace quantity)
      2 kg grape pomace
      4 l water
      1 kg sugar
      Allow to ferment (about a week), press out the 'false wine' and

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