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  • K & J
    Mar 5, 2003
      Thanks for the answer...just a couple of questions
      1.   Obviously on the stripping run there is no reflux required just a pot still type run, just fire it up with only the final condenser on and wait until it stops?
      2. When you do your final run do you make up the volume with water to say the 25 litres of the original wash or say 50/50 of the strip?
      Ken Mc
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      Date: Thursday, March 06, 2003 09:03:09
      Subject: Re: [Distillers] Cut question
      K & J wrote:
      Subject: Re: [Distillers] Cut question

      I have read on this site others doing stripping runs can you please explain
      what the benefits are and the procedure and do you think it is worth while.

      cheers Ken Mc

      Three advantages:
      a) Rapidly boiling the wash and condensing everything that is vaporized,
      without bothering to separate the heads and tails, is an easy way of
      reducing the volume of liquid you will subsequently process with care,
      saving a lot of time overall
      b) The reduced volume of liquid you get from a stripping run is clear of all
      solids, salts and dissolved gases.
      c) The liquid you get has a very much higher concentration of volatiles,
      enabling far better separation in the subsequent rectification run as you
      start out in the middle of the equilibrium chart (the one that plots the
      concentration of volatiles in the vapor against their concentration in the
      liquid the vapor came from ... the one that looks like a fat cigar leaning
      at 45 degrees)

      In essence, it is much easier to clean a muddy kid after a football game if
      you first give the brat a quick hose-down to get rid of most of the mud, and
      then then shove him in a clean, hot bath with a cake of soap with
      instructions to wash behind his ears, than it is to try and do it all in a
      bath full of muddy water. Whiskey distillers, who have to tackle the
      difficult job of dealing with a mash full of solids, first concentrate on
      separating the low wines from the mash in a big still, where the only
      problem is to prevent burning, and then move on to a smaller still where
      they concentrate on getting the right cut from the clean low wines.
      Experience has taught them that this is a very effective and efficient
      procedure that results in a much better product than if they tried to do the
      whole job in one go. It is definitely well worthwhile.

      Mike N

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