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9575Re: Thumper Success?

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  • peter_vcb <viciousblackout@yahoo.com>
    Mar 3, 2003
      Hi Ken
      i think your still needs more tuning. if you only got 900ml 75% from
      a 20litre wash it means your wash was about 4%. i doubt this was the
      case so you are not getting enough yeild from your still. the pipe to
      the thumper at 1.2m is still large, did you insulate it? i wouldnt
      put any wash in the thumper at the start, when the still starts from
      cold you will get condensation in the thumper so it will fill with
      liquid. if you insist on priming it you should try it with some high
      proof distillate from a previous run. why did you reduce the
      condensor pipe? what "air pressure" were you reducing? as for
      thoughts on quality, thats up to you! was it nice?


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Ken Grady" <kengrady@d...> wrote:
      > Gday all,
      > Well finally some degree of success with my thumper/doubler. Thanks
      to most of the advise from the members of this group. As previously I
      started with 20lts of wash, don't know the alcohol content of the
      wash as I don't have a hydrometer, used all the some components as
      before only with some minor modifications, being reduced the length
      of the lyne arm from 1.8m to 1.2m & ran it horizontally as opposed
      from having a large incline as before, shortened the condensor pipe
      by about 1.5m to 1.2m to reduce air pressure & this time I used a
      three ring gas burner to heat it up. 18lts in the boiler, 2 in the
      thumper/doubler ran it for about 3.5 hrs & got 900ml @ 75%abv. What
      are your thoughts about quantity & quality of the end product. Thank
      you all.
      > Ken Grady
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