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9552Re: [Distillers] Thumper Success?

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  • Rob Marshall
    Mar 1, 2003

      Put one in the Thumper as well. That's where the important data is. Go to any chain electronic store for a couple of bucks you can buy an assortment of rubber grommets. They are used for insulation purposes. They resemble a rubber doughnut with a groove around the centre. In the electonic context, you drill a hole in a metal equipment chassis, push the grommet through so that the wide rubber part is on each side of the hole and the groove which is in the centre of the grommet is parrallel with the metal. It forms a tight seal. Then get an electronic meat thermometer, the kind that you stick into a roast to determine whether dinner is done or not. They have a pointy end, read in tenths of a degree and cost about 15 or 20 bucks US (just guessing at the exchange rate). You can get one at one of those kitchen type gadget stores. Buy one for your wife as a present! Stick the pointy end through  the grommet and you have a vapour proof seal. If the seal is too loose,,no problem. Get some teflon plumbing tape from a plumbing store. It comes in a roll just like electrical tape and is used to wrap around the threads of screw on plumbimg fixtures to make them water tight. It is chemicaly inert to most everything to about 250 degrees+ ( C ) and should cost about a buck. Wrap it around the probe on the thermometer and push it through the grommett and you've got a vapour proof fit. 

      Good luck and gday.

       Ken Grady <kengrady@...> wrote:


      I've got thermometers onthe boiler, at the top of the column and in the thumper. The only one that is worth monitering, I've decided is the thumper. If you need any ideas about how to put a thermometer in the thumper ,let me know.

       Gday Rob,

      I have got one thermometer in the top of the boiler (20lt paint tin) it's in a rubber bung with a hole drilled through it, the thumper/doubler  is a polyproplene plastic paint bucket I suppose I could put one in it the same way? at least I would know the temp. in the thumper/doubler.any ideas?

      Ken Grady.

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