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  • Robert N
    Mar 2, 2003
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      Hi all, due to the difficulty that others and I are having trying to locate recipes in previous emails, I have been giving some thought to the different forums available for distilling recipes. Because of the relatively static nature of web sites, along with the amount of time needed to upload writings to websites, verses the dynamic nature of the newsgroups. Without trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’ so to speak, I was pondering the merit of creating a recipe folder within the “Files” directory of a Newsgroup.


      I have created a folder within the “New Distillers Newsgroup” called “All Distilling Recipes”. Within this folder are a group of sub folders, the intention with this group of folders is to create a repository where we all can place our Distilling recipes. Others can then find them in a logical sequence. By you placing your recipe here, saves it into one place and if you want, you can click on the box to advise the rest of us that ‘a new file has been uploaded’, or send an email including a link to it as well. The idea is to go into the folder that you want the recipe to appear in, and then create a text file only (copy & paste) for each of your recipes.


      Please look at the link below, give us some feedback, and of course please populate these folders with your recipes, especially if you have already posted them as emails. I am looking forward to seeing some great recipes.




      Yours in spirit



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