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9534RE: [Distillers] Cut question

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  • Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)
    Mar 1, 2003

      "When it stops burning" will give you a cut around the 50% mark. Sometimes its usefull to still collect past this point, but into a second container (and a third, and fourth ...). That way you can judge what the flavours are like in those tails, and if they are worth adding or not. Its easy to collect them, and doesnt take too much extra time, but gives you the option of having them. Easy to throw them out if you have to, but avoids regretting that you didnt make the cut too early.

      Its also worth collecting the tails anyhow, for redistilling at a later stage. Sure - they may only be from 50-20% alchol, but thats still good alcohol that can be recovered.

      For apple flavours, I've found that they are often in the heads, rather than the tails. Did you discard much of the initial distillate ?

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