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9532Cut question

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  • Jacques <Jacs_man@hotmail.com>
    Mar 1, 2003
      My question deals with when to shut down the still.
      I ran some apple wine thru my copper pot and thumper system after
      freezing it and straining the resulting higher (condensed) alc.
      content thru the ice. I stopped the still when I wasn't able to burn
      a flame blue in a teaspoon anymore.
      After one run thru, the result of the shine was very strong, and
      quite palatable, to say the least.
      I wonder, though, if I had let it run a bit longer, would I have
      picked up more of the apple flavor?
      I've tried to add that flavor back in by mixing it with some apple
      wine and then some plain apple juice, but it doesen't taste quite as
      good as I would have expected.
      I also put some uncut still stregth in a bottle with a bit of honey,
      vanilla and oak chips. This has sat for about a month, now, and
      really tastes good, but not a flavor of apple.
      Any suggestions or direction would be appreciated. I have anothe 15
      gallons of wine to process and would like to make an improvement.
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