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9531Re: [Distillers] Thumper Success?

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  • Ken Grady
    Feb 28, 2003

      I've got thermometers onthe boiler, at the top of the column and in the thumper. The only one that is worth monitering, I've decided is the thumper. If you need any ideas about how to put a thermometer in the thumper ,let me know.

       Gday Rob,

      I have got one thermometer in the top of the boiler (20lt paint tin) it's in a rubber bung with a hole drilled through it, the thumper/doubler  is a polyproplene plastic paint bucket I suppose I could put one in it the same way? at least I would know the temp. in the thumper/doubler.any ideas?

      Ken Grady.

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