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  • waljaco <waljaco@hotmail.com>
    Feb 20, 2003
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      I found the original SS column diameter of 1inch or 25mm too narrow
      and it caused flooding - increase to preferably 2inches or 50mmm and
      use the exg section as your reflux and distillate condensers.
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)"
      <Tony.Ackland@c...> wrote:
      > Beaker,
      > > I plan
      > > to take my still spirits reflux and increase the column height to
      > > 500mm by cutting the base off and adding the increased height to
      > > I plan to use s/s scrubbers as packing but am wondering if I am
      > > to have enough temperature control (i.e. fractionating capacity
      > > the column height) without adding a water jacket or cooling of
      > > sort.
      > What sort of purity are you after ? If going for the 95%+ mark,
      you may want to look more towards 1.2- 1.5m column height.
      > The SSRS will produce a limited amount of reflux for you already.
      A taller column will be more effective in utilising this small
      amount. Only if its not enough (eg if you stick to 500mm) might you
      need to increase the cooling up there.
      > Tony
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