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  • peter_vcb <viciousblackout@yahoo.com>
    Feb 20, 2003
      i'd recommend some forced reflux. if you are going to the bother of
      modifying the column then go much higher than 500mm if i was starting
      again i would try 2m but i wouldnt bother going less than 1m. if you
      insist on no reflux then you will definitely need more height. how
      wide is the column, how much power?


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "beakertest
      <antaresconsulting@b...>" <antaresconsulting@b...> wrote:
      > Hi guys,
      > I must say a big thankyou for the advice gleaned from here both
      > posted questions and just reading the information running between
      > everyone - an enlightening experience when once alone.
      > I have two stills, one pot I run from my stove for interesting
      > experiments with fruits and such, and a still spirits unit for
      > refluxed sugar washes. I am finding that I am using the pot still
      > less and less and wish to start making a much purer base alcohol
      > (current yield, at best, is 70%).
      > I have an idea (garnered from Tony's website, I will admit). I plan
      > to take my still spirits reflux and increase the column height to
      > 500mm by cutting the base off and adding the increased height to
      > I plan to use s/s scrubbers as packing but am wondering if I am
      > to have enough temperature control (i.e. fractionating capacity
      > the column height) without adding a water jacket or cooling of some
      > sort.
      > Any advice?
      > Cheers
      > Beaker
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