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894thumpers (yes, again)

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  • ups474@aol.com
    Jul 8, 2000
      Please take the time to picture this in your head: On an electric
      stove sits a 5 gallon (20liter) aluminum pressure cooker- with a
      thermometer sticking out where the safety blow out plug normally is.
      The pressure gauge is still on, but where the little round weight
      would go (on the 1/4 inch barb-like projection) there is a short
      length of plastic tubing hose clamped onto it. On the other end of
      this 3 inch piece of tubing is inserted a length of 1/4 inch copper
      tubing (and hose clamped in place). This tubing then leads over and
      down into a 1 gallon container, where it goes through the lid and
      down to the bottom of it, where 1 quart of mash is placed. On the 1
      gallon "thumper's" lid is another length of copper tubing leading
      over to even more 1/4inch copper tubing (about 20 feet) coiled in a 5
      gallon plastic bucket filled with cold water, to work as a condenser.
      So far, I have ruled out a glass mason jar (too likely to break from
      the heat), a smaller pressure cooker (expensive), a coffee can (cheap
      metal, and the taste would get into everything), a 4 liter boiling
      vessel from a lab (expensive, and thanks to methamphetamine labs, now
      illegal to own without permission from the government), and a
      regular kitchen pot (to hard to seal up totally). The question I do
      pose to the good people of this e-group is: What would you use for a
      1 gallon thumper in this situation? Any ideas would be helpfull.
      Thanks in advance.