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866FW: [Distillers] HARD APPLE CIDER

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  • Deb
    Jul 1, 2000
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      When we make hard apple cider we buy a bushel of apples.  Chop 1/2 bushel into small pieces--core, stems, skins, everything.  We bought a 35 gallon trash can that is only used for mash.  Place all the cut up apples in the can and cover with boiling water.  This "cooked" the apples and made them mushy.  Add yeast after it has cooled enough not to kill the yeast.  Cover and wait and wait and wait.  Takes a long time, about a month.  The yield is not as high and the alcohol content is somewhere around 50-60%.  Hard apple cider becomes more flavorful with age.

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      Hi Louie here again.
      Yes I do mean distilled apple cider when I say Hard apple cider.
      Would this require filtering through charcoal, because I have no idea
      whatsoever as to how to filter it through charcoal. Can anyone tell exactly
      how to filter through charcoal, or when this kind of filtering should be


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