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7646Re: Sugar Wash - Impatient??

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  • andy_galewsky <andy@galewsky.net>
    Dec 11, 2002
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      I on the other have been doing this regularly with my brown sugar
      washes and have had great results. The result seems much more
      flavorful and smooth. From my understanding this is what the big
      boys do and in the whiskey industry is call sour mashing. From all
      my research the rum industry does it also. Not only does it save
      water for the industrail sized distillers it lowers the ph for the
      yeastie beasties.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, BOKAKOB <bokakob@y...> wrote:
      > Once I had an experiment. I always add ½ of sediment from a sugar
      wash to my next brew plus 0.5L or so of the remaining wash.
      Generally it helps. This time I added fresh yeast and sugar to a
      100% soup left from distilling the alcohol. After two days I had to
      pour it in the toilet... So, based on that I am a little skeptical
      about your advise without any extra measures. Lots of aerating, for
      example, because a boiled liquid practically has no dissolved
      oxygene in it :-)
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