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  • CornFed (Randy)
    Dec 5, 2002
      NO this wasnt a call for hostile action toward him. I was just
      trying to see if anyone else was getting his email barrage.

      Tony has canceled his membership from this list yesterday afternoon.
      Mainly for the reason that I have over 70 emails -from him- saying
      that he 'isnt interested in distillation and to stop sending him

      Hopefully that will stop the problem. There may be a few emails that
      went to his email account between his bombardment on me and getting
      the group emails stopped.

      I am willing to wait and see if it stops next month. He seems to
      only check messages on that account once a month or so. I dont know
      how my name got onto his favorites and special attention list.

      --- In Distillers@y..., chic matthews <notchic@y...> wrote:
      > Randy, I just looked in the group members list and did
      > not find a Louis Apostolides there. Have you tried
      > sending an e-mail asking nicely why he's sending YOU
      > these e-mails? if that doesnt work you might ask the
      > group and everyone else you know to flood his e-mail,
      > sort of return the favor. I would be happy to carpet
      > bomb his addy if he doest stop, using a secondary
      > e-mail address.
      > Chic
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