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7591Re: [Distillers] Louis Apostolides

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    Dec 4, 2002
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      send him/her a link to press so he/she is not frustrated to unsubscribe

       "CornFed (Randy)" <cornfed15@...> wrote:

      about once a month I get slammed by numerous emails from this guy. 
      He copies the last few posts off of this message list and sends them
      to me one at a time with a header saying "stop sending me any more
      emails.  I am not interested in distilling."  in all capital
      letters.   I just cleared about 70 messages from my inbox.  his email
      address is :  louisap and the domain is cytanet.com.cy

      Is anyone else blessed by the attention of this yahoo?  I have never
      sent this individual any email.   Just curious if this is confined to
      me or spread out to others also. 


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      I can be wrong I must say.
      Cheers, Alex...

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