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7565Re: [Distillers] Sugar Wash - Impatient??

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    Dec 2, 2002

      i dont think you can speed it up. you certainly can distill it if you dont want to wait.

       Adrian Smith <adriansmith1@...> wrote:

      Hi folks,
                 I started a sugar wash off over 2
      weeks ago and it had a starting gravity of 1110
      at the moment it has fermented out to 1055. The
      fermentation was rapid at first but has now
      slowed down somewhat. It's gone from 1060 to 1055
      in about two days. Is there any way to speed
      things up or do I need to be patient. I've used
      standard high alcohol wine yeast and an aquarium
      heater to keep it at a constant 26 degrees


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