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6421Re: [Distillers] malt question

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  • Matt
    Sep 30, 2002
      On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 06:37:14PM -0000, ranmans1 wrote:
      > what is the difference between malt and malt extract? they are both
      > powder form.
      > Do i use them the same or is the extract stronger? and if so how
      > much should i use for a corn mash?

      malt extract has no active enzymes to contribute to a grain mash; they
      would have been destroyed during processing. You'll need to use properly
      crushed fresh barley malt as your enzyme "adjunct" if you want a corn

      as to amounts, this is a good question. Technically it depends on the
      diastatic power of your malt. Anyone have a good average figure?
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