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6367Activated Carbon

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  • smudge311065
    Sep 26, 2002
      The most difficult impurity to remove from alcohol (in my opinion,
      anyway) is Ethyl Acetate. It boils at about one degree (C) less than
      Ethyl Alcohol and has a a strong taste and odour.

      I was checking to see if it was removed with activated carbon and
      fortunately it is. The effectiveness of removal is rated "9/10 -
      Proven use, probably the best solution.

      Here's when it gets interesting.

      Activated carbon is also noted for it ability to remove Ethyl Alcohol
      with exactly the same rating. All the websites I found say the same
      thing. (Do a web search for "ethyl acetate activated carbon removal"
      and see what you get).

      If carbon improves the quality of alcohol then there a number of
      possible explanations:

      Carbon producers are wrong and the affinity for ethyl acetate is
      greater than the affinity for alcohol.

      The smoothing effect results from removing both impurities and
      alcohol, thereby increasing the water content.

      The carbon is removing something else, or some other processes are
      taking place.


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