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619Marks new still

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    May 1, 2000
      Mark, Tony, et al,
              Mark are you sure you wouldnt like to swap your new still for a bright shiny polished new one? No seriously congratulations Mark it looks like youve got yourself a really lovely old still. A bit of polishing of the copper and it will come up lovely. You will probably have to replace the galvanised iron condenser cooler tank but dont throw the old tank away. If replacing I would suggest you copy it using tinned copper if you can find somebody who stills knows how to tin properly.
      Wrote the following yesterday after your e-mail but didnt get time to send it.
      Have re-read up a little on slobber boxes in the last day or two as Tony mentioned them a week ago and I was curious to learn a little more about them. It appears they were definitely an early American moonshiners idea originally and the idea is definitely sound in principle. As well as keeping the still original I would leave it on. If using a proper mash for your fermentation most definitely leave it on.
      In The Lore of Still Building it says: "The use of a Slobber Box is not mandatory but is desirable when a reflux tower is not used. It allows most of the impurities that follow the ethanol across to have a drop-off point ahead of the condenser and receiver. This gives a much cleaner distillate. In practise it is simply an enlarged portion of the tubing where solids particulate matter, water vapour etc. can re-condense or drop out. The small hose leading out of the bottom of the slobber box can be used to drain it periodically to keep the pathway clear." (Very important if using a proper mash fermentation).
      "When a reflux tower is used the tower itself, performs this same function. If a slobber box is not used then a larger part of the FIRST part of the distillate coming through should be discarded. For a six or eight quart pot cooker without a slobber box it is advisable to set aside the first few ounces (50 to 100 grams) coming through. With a slobber box only a tablespoon or two (20 grams or less than an ounce) of the first distillate through needs to be discarded."
      I would suggest you listen to what Robert Warren has to say as I am sure he is  a lot more knowledgeable in relation to early american stills than myself.
      The clean lines and basic shape of the still body itself is very similar to a lot of the early Grasse stills that were used last century in the perfume industry.
      Tony if you still want to build yourself a decent pot still you wont do much better than  copying the basics of this.
      B.r.,  David