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5652Activated Carbon

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  • smudge311065
    Aug 5, 2002
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      Hello all,

      I don't want to go on about this..... but I will.

      The "activated" in activated carbon refers to chemical ativity. It is
      true that activated carbon is filled with small holes, but it does
      not act in the same way as a sieve.

      It reaches the end of it's useful life when it all of its reactive
      molecules have bonded with impurities. If the pores become clogged
      with sediment, potentially reactive carbon will become inaccessible.
      In this case, washing activated carbon may extend its life if it
      unclogs the pores, but this is more relevant if you are using
      activated carbon to clarify pondwater, and not alcohol.

      If the output of you still contains sediment then you would be better
      off redistilling it, and not filtering it.

      Assuming your carbon is not clogged with sediment, then when it stops
      working its because all its molecules have done their job. The
      impurities attached to the carbon need to be removed by a chemical
      process before it can be used again.

      Rinse it all you like, but all you'll get is nice, clean, non-
      activated carbon.

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