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5521RE: [Distillers] Cost reduction

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  • Bob
    Jul 23, 2002
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      Commercial corn meal has several other components—salt, sodium bicarbonate/baking powder and preservatives,that are not desirable to be used in mash. Feed corn (rough ground) makes a good mash for “shine”.



      The best bet is to rely on plain table sugar, and add stuff like corn meal to
      ferment to make a synthetic Bourbon, or steep some peated malt in the

      water, then boil in some sugar to make some Scotch.  Tony's page has a few
      "Moonshine" recipes on it- mostly mixes of cornmeal and sugar.  These tend to
      be low-cost. I'm currently brewing the mash for the corn/sugar/honey/apricot
      batch that is supposed to taste like Crown Royal.  I'll let everyone know
      what I get with it.  Trying for a straight corn (no sugar) mash is typically
      very expensive.  You'll need about 2 to 3 pounds of corn to get 10%abv in the
      mash- the corn from the homebrew shop (flaked) will cost $1 a pound.  From
      the grocery store, cornmeal will be $0.50/pound.  2 pounds of table sugar and
      2 pounds of cornmeal simmered in a gallon of water makes a good, and cheap
      corn whiskey.  From the feedstore, molasses tends to be a big money saver-
      about $10US per 5 gallon bucket.  With $10US of table sugar- that can make
      25gallons of mash at 10%abv.


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