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5517Cost reduction

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  • devil1869
    Jul 22 3:47 PM
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      I'm trying to reduce my cost per liter of finished product and was
      hoping for some suggestions or guidance that will not significantly
      sacrifice quality / taste. The pocket book has taken quite a beating
      since I started a few months back and the wife is freakin'

      Recently I switched from Dextrose to regular white sugar which helped
      a fair bit. (.32/lb as opposed to .60/lb) Is Corn even better? Is
      it worth the time and effort?

      I recycle my carbon which works great so far (16+ 6L batches and

      Finally, the SS Top Shelf flavors are wonderful but a little spendy
      for daily consumption. I was considering trying my own flavoring by
      adding vanilla extract - cinnamon - cloves - honey - dried apricots -
      toasted oak chips (burbon). Is this advisable or will I end up
      having to re-run the batch?

      Any advice is welcomed, thank you in advance.
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