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  • cornfed62
    Jul 1, 2002
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      potassium permanganate is used in municipal water treatment plants to
      treat water that has a heavy concentration of iron content. This is
      an extraordinary method used on wells where the iron particles are
      particularly fine and can not be filtered by simple sand filters.
      The water is pumped from the well through pipes where the potassium
      is injected into the line thru nozzles. The water is then sent to
      a 'retention' tower where the water is aerated and allowed to settle
      for a period of 30 to 45 minutes before sending it through the
      multiple sand and gravel filter. The Potassium Permanganate acts as
      a coagulant on the iron particles allowing them clump together and to
      be captured by the filter media.

      judging from that ... The writers may be using it as a clearing
      agent. Just a side thought.

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      > >I have read in an old book about home distilling, that if 2 g
      > potassium permanganate per 10 liter wash, is mixed in this, before
      > the distillation, it will make a cleaner spirit? Is that correct?<
      > Hmmm...interesting question. Speculating, KMn04 is an oxidising
      > My guess is that it oxidises certain congeners so they don't distill
      > over in the critical temperature range. If added earlier I would
      > said it might oxidise pectin and reduce the amount of methanol
      > over.
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